I began my creative life as a painter. After attending Amherst College and then the San Francisco Art Institute, I became obsessed with the desire to make art that left room for the viewer’s creative choices. As a start, I began making flipbook-style paintings which could be configured into millions of unique art pieces. Within a year, I was creating and showing this work digitally, using custom-built software, hand-made interface devices, large-scale projections, and portable printers. Since 2004, I have shown these interactive art pieces in fine art galleries, night clubs such as Supperclub San Francisco, festivals such as Priceless and Burning Man, and on a Carnival’s Xingolati cruise.

At the beginning of 2012, I began a collaboration with The Polish Ambassador (TPA), and have been performing with him as a VJ since. This collaboration has exposed me to a brand-new set of creative tools (VJ software, video editing and processing packages, 3D animation programs), new creative challenges (for example, how to build ultra-light and ultra-modular screens), and a whole new art world. It’s been fascinating and deeply gratifying to travel all over the country (we been on the road about 400 days in the last two years) sharing art with so many wildly-enthusiastic fans.