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Since 1997, I’ve has spent most of my waking hours making paintings and interactive art. In the early months of 2012, however, I left most of that behind and began a full-time collaboration with The Polish Ambassador (TPA), an electronic music composer. Since then, he and I have performed over 150 shows together and co-piloted more than 30,000 miles of American road. In contrast to most musical acts, the Ambassador and I perform side by side, to feed off each other’s inspiration and to put the show’s visual dimension on par with the music. Being in such synergistic flow, and also so intimately acquainted with the music, has allowed me to create improvised visuals that are exquisitely attuned to the mood of the music.

While not traveling, I’ve been cranking out new, custom content, as well as feverishly drawing, programming, and hacking, on the hunt for ways to make TPA shows more and more dynamic and immersive. I am also fantastically excited to incorporate my fascination with interactivity into TPA shows. In the near future, fan-generated images and text will become part of the visuals in real-time and show attendees will help control the visuals through custom-built interfaces in the crowd.

To see this work in action, come check out one of TPA’s upcoming live shows. To see a list of our upcoming concerts and learn more about the TPA project, visit: