3D Art

Design Work:

We are all bombarded by images. Oftentimes, I feel assailed by the barrage of billboards and internet ads, and unnerved by the thought that all these pieces of propaganda are shaping my desires and rearranging my preferences. For this reason, there’s something deeply satisfying to me about being involved in design work. It gives me the sense that I can talk back to my culture, that I can digest and then reformulate the messages constantly coming at me. Making fake ads and real tour posters gives me a way to turn the incoming media monologue into a two-way conversation.

I’m also just fascinated by the way visual language works- by how moods and ideas are transmitted, effortlessly, through color and composition. Although I have not been trained as a designer, I have deeply enjoyed refining my understanding of our shared visual vocabulary, and my attunement to my own visual sensibility.