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Note: These art pieces will not be visible from certain mobile devices.

In my mid twenties, I happened across a compendium on art therapy, and discovered two ideas that resonated profoundly with my experience and my intuition. First, these writers claimed that creativity is not just a gift for the privileged few. Contrary to the dominant view that creativity is a commodity, unequally doled out by God or genetics, art therapy argues that creativity is a human birthright. Secondly, art therapists contend that there is something profound and enlightening about engaging ourselves in the creative process. When we create mirrors of our experience, the theory suggests, we grow in awareness and vitality.

As a result of this reading, I began to wonder if creativity could be isolated, and nurtured apart, from technical proficiency. By reflecting on my own exploration, I became convinced that creativity was a process which operated independently of technique, a process characterized by the making of what I would call “resonant” choices from a vast number of possibilities. In the past, of course, technical competence was essential to the creative process because it was what allowed artists to access those near-infinite options. In the future, however, is it possible that technology might play a similar role, furnishing users with the vast array of choices necessary for creativity to manifest while also providing a reassuring sense of safety and guidance? The art pieces shown here are my first attempts to engage these questions.