I've drawn and painted compulsively since I was a child. I realized (only as an adult) that a giant part of why I loved art-making was that it was always the one place where my honesty could shine, where my true self could speak. My art has always been a more honest mirror than my words, and even than my thoughts.

When I started attending the San Francisco Art Institute after college, I was confused and disturbed by the art-star culture and commodity-view of art being propagated there. Because I wanted to develop a very different relationship with art (one based on honest self-exploration rather than marketable uniqueness) the fine-art gallery world felt like an awkward and ill-suited place for me. I chose instead to show in alternative places (I put up shows in Golden Gate Park, in the alleys of SF's Mission, at night clubs, and at festivals). And, I've chosen to focus on making drawings and paintings that show me who I am, and where I am. As you'll see, the path I have travelled in the last decade has been filled both with mystical light and dark shadows. I've tried to be honest with myself about both.